Among the photos in these pages, there may be some items bearing Eagle, Hawk and/or Owl feathers. It is important to note that I cannot sell any items that contain raptor feathers. It is against the law for persons not of the native tribes to posess such feathers at all and illegal for anyone to sell them, either separately or as part of another item. I can, however, make items using feathers painted or dyed to replicate any of the raptor feathers.

Please do not ask me to "find a loophole" or make an exception for you. Not only is it the law, but these kinds of feathers are sacred to my people and to sell them cheapens that. This, I will not do and anyone who asks me to do so will be put on my "no" list (meaning I will never do business with you again) and your name will be supplied to other crafters as well. I know this may seem harsh, but I am very serious about this, as are many people with whom I share my heritage.

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