Shipping Discount

Some items are eligible for a shipping discount due to being very light weight. The discount reduces the shipping for your entire order, so sometimes, adding an inexpensive item will actually cause your entire order total to be LESS than it would have been otherwise, so keep a lookout as you browse for these items. It can be like getting a FREE item!!

You should ONLY click the "apply shipping discount" button if you have ordered one or more items that are marked as eligible for discounted shipping.
Adding discounted shipping to your order when you have not ordered one or more items that are eligible for discounted shipping will cause delays in processing of your order (and you will have to pay the difference anyway).

In order to keep better track of your order subtotal as you shop, it is better to wait until just before you check out to add the shipping discount, as the discount applies to your order total, rather than the shipping. (I'd love to do it differently, but my shopping cart software doesn't allow for that at this time.)

Please Close this window to return to shopping.