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~ Medicine Bags, Purses & Pouches ~

These are a few of the medicine bags I have made. I will be adding pictures of more of them and of other kinds of pouches and bags as I can. All are slightly different, as they are handmade and can be customized to suit your needs. Different colors and types of hide are available, just ask. To inquire about or order an item, click here or use the contact button on any page of this site.

Pictured above is my medicine bag. As you can see, I have a LOT of stuff attached to it!


Here is the back of it.

Here is one I made for a friend. Like mine, the bag is elk and the lacing is kangaroo.
There are bone, glass, plastic and metal beads on this one, along with a pewter feather charm.

Here's another very similar one.
All 3 of the above medicine bags are about 2" X 3". I sell the basic bags with some beading like the one immediately above for $5.00. Some additional decorations will bring the price up, depending on what they are.

Here is a pouch/purse made of rabbit fur.

This pouch is quite roomy for it's size, (8' X 6') and has a disk and thong closure. The disk is made of bone, the lacing is kangaroo hide and the loops for attaching to a belt or carrying strap are cow hide.

This specific piece is not for sale, but one like it would be around $15.00

This site is still under construction, so keep checking back for updates such as additional information on products available, pictures of products and easier ordering.

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