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A Signature Blend from the Wolf Den is a unique blend of scents created especially for you or that special someone. Makes a wonderful personalized gift too!

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You can order your own blend of pure essential oils (and/or all natural fragrance oils if no essential oil is made in a particular scent..) to use as a perfume oil or to scent your own lotion, bath gel or other items, or to use in a scent diffuser.

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Or, if you prefer, soap, bath salt, lotion, massage oil or any other bath or body product can be customized for you.

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Sachets are great to put in closets and drawers, bathrooms or anywhere else you want to smell nice. Pretty enough to be part of the decor. And don't forget the scented candles to complete the package!

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Soaps can also have fresh herbs, flowers, fruit or other items (small bath toys, beads, charms, etc) added to them instead of or in addition to essential oils.

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Signature blends are created exactly to order, so the prices can vary, but are generally only a couple dollars more than the in-stock blends.

Fill in the information requested below to inquire about having a blend created for you.
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Type in your inquiry here. If you know exactly what you want, just put it here and a quote will be e-mailed to you, if you don't, that's fine too... we will work with you to find the perfect blend for you. Either way we'll get back to you promptly with the information you need.

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