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~ Canes & Staves~

These represent a sampling of canes, staves (plural of staff) and walking sticks I have made.
Below are more detailed photos and information.
None of the items pictured here are for sale unless otherwise noted. Most are custom pieces and are shown just to give examples of my work. To inquire about or order an item, click here or use the contact button on any page of this site.

All my "sticks" are made completely by hand (with a hefty dose of help from nature!). I take only branches that need to be pruned off or those that have been dropped naturally (like after strong winds). I then allow the wood to age and cure before stripping the bark and beginning the many hours of labor that go into each piece. After I get the general shape desired with the saw and knife, I fine tune it more with 50 grit sandpaper and files. Next comes the smoothing process, which consists of continuing down from the 50 grit sandpaper by 40s or 50s, all the way down to 400 grit, for a smooth as glass texture. They are finished with oils or varnish. (I prefer natural oils, but it's up to the future owner of the stick). The last step, if desired, is decorating it. Beads, bone, fetishes, charms, leather, feathers*, mini dreamcatchers and hemp are a few of any number of potential decorations.

This is an interesting piece that was made so that the owner could share her staff with her parrots.
In addition to providing a truly unique look to this staff, the "branches" at the top double as perches.
The long feather is a tail feather from her Blue and Gold Parrot. the two small feathers on the attached dreamcatcher (below) are wing feathers from the same bird.
Finished with pure virgin olive oil** and a blend of essential oils.

Here is my staff/cane. My daughter gifted it to me. Before you ask, I have no idea what kind of tree it came from, but it sure is great! The day (and night and morning!) I made this one was the night Crow chose me. Very tricky medicine, crow! I was in an altered state for most of the creation of this piece, just "following directions", but it yeilded beautiful results.
It's finished with pure virgin olive oil and a blend of essential oils.
I think it's really neat how the top of it is shaped like a Crow's head. It actually grew like that!
Most of the feathers were also gifted by Crow.

This one, as you can see, is a very simple piece. The beauty of the finished wood stands alone. It is made of aged apple wood and finished with tung oil.

This is one that I'm actually still working on. It still has several stages of sanding, oiling and decorating to go. I'll be putting pictures of the finished product up as soon as it is done.

*click here for important information on feathers.

**A note about olive oil. I have been told numerous times that olive oil will go rancid in a matter of months, but I have items that I have treated with olive oil years ago that are fine. The trick is using real pure olive oil, not the cheap stuff.

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