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~ Dreamcatchers ~

It is said that hanging a dreamcatcher in your sleeping space, especially above your head will help ward off troubling dreams. According to legend, evil or harmful spirits that cause nightmares and uneasy sleep are caught up and entangled in the web, while the small hole in the center allows friendly spirits to pass through unhindered.
Aside from their practical use, dreamcatchers are lovely pieces of art and look good anywhere. I can make them in almost any size. The hoops are twisted rattan or wrapped metal. There is no real cost difference between the two, since it takes about the same amount of labor and the materials cost almost exactly the same. To inquire about or order an item, click here or use the contact button on any page of this site.

Click images with borders to see full size photos


At left is a small one that I made for my daughter. It measures about 3 inches across and includes one of my handmade polymer beads hanging at the bottom.

To the right is the one that hangs over my bed.
It's about 4" across. This is the very first dreamcatcher I ever made.

This one (left) is the one I made for my rear view mirror. The "bone bead" and "arrow point" on this one are actually also made from polymer.

This (right) is a tiny dreamcatcher that I made for a staff. It is only 2" across!
These are great for decorating other items like purses, drums, clothing, hair accessories and more.
Below, are two that are more of a "standard" size for dreamcatchers (6 1/2" across). these are made from a metal hoop wrapped in hide. The advantages these have over the rattan ones is that they're sturdier and can be wrapped in just about any color and type of hide.


At left is one I made for my mom for Solstice.


the one on the right is available for sale. It is $12.00 + $3.85 for shipping if you are too far away to pick it up in Seattle.
Contact me if you are interested, or, of course, to make a custom order.

This one here to the left was a custom order. From what the person tells me, it was exactly what she had envisioned, which is always nice to hear.
totally custom orders are actually my favorite to make, because it is a great challenge to take someone's words and make their vision a reality.

Beads, stones, fetishes, feathers*, and more can be used to decorate a dreamcatcher. For some, each item is important or symbolic; for others, the artistic aspects are more important. Most often though, it is a combination of these things.

*click here for important information on feathers.

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